WOWBUTTER – Peanut free, peanut butter!


Ok so I’ve meant to put this up for ages and keep forgetting, as a lot of you know one of my little ladies is anaphylactic to dairy, eggs and nuts (all nuts of course!)…… it breaks my heart when she can’t have what everyone else has, so I have been on many a quest over the last 8yrs to find good alternatives to foods we all love.

My baking skills have been brightened by this with yummy pancakes and delicious cakes and buns but a thing she always wanted to try was peanut butter  ‘how the heck do I find an alternative for that?’ I said but it has been found and if I say so myself it’s yummy in my tummy.


WOWBUTTER has entered our lives, it is pricey at €7.00 but then so is anything to do with allergies.

I found it in Dunnes, I have not yet seen it in health food stores but that doesn’t mean it’s not…….it’s safe to use in peanut free schools and they give you these nifty stickers to put on your child’s lunch to say so Amazeballs!!!!!! Oh and for my coeliac friends it’s gluten-free too.

Sarah x


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