The Birth of Foundation of Style


Well Hey there,

This is my first ever post on my blog, the excitement and nerves are tremendous!!! Anyone who has been following me on Facebook and Instagram will have seen my style and I am so grateful for all their support and encouragement.
I have been blown away.  It has been an emotional rollercoaster, the days start with great enthusiasm and slowly the doubt starts to kick in ‘Can I really do this?’, ‘I’m not good enough to do this?’ etc etc but I imagine anyone taking on a new challenge feels all of this, afraid of failure and embarrassment, but if you stand back and look at it we really only put that pressure and stress on ourselves and to anyone who doubts you, they are not worth listening to!

I know that its not easy especially when you have kiddies to spend the time and lets face it the money on ourselves, but sometimes we need that little bit of tender care after all we are the centre of our families and if we’re not healthy and happy everything basically goes to the wall!!!  I love makeup and clothes (a little too much, this love gets me into a lot of trouble at times!) and then cooking simple, affordable, nutritious meals for my family and I’ll be sharing all of these with you too.

If there’s anything you want me to find for you or any questions about my posts please feel free to Email me here or contact me through my facebook page.

Let the blogging begin………

Sarah x


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