How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

The idea of cleaning our makeup brushes can be very tedious and I know I for sure try hard to put it on the long finger!  I do mine usually on a Sunday if we’re not up to anything usually in the morning because when you do a deep clean you need to leave them to completely dry so they have all day and night to be ready for that wonderful Monday morning.

It is so important to regularly wash your brushes, especially if you use them every day like I do. They hold onto dirt, grime and bacteria which all lead to blocked pores and breakouts and anything we can do to avoid these is a big bonus.  So I thought it might be good to detail how I wash my brushes and the things I use.


You can always use the brush cleaning fluids but they can be a bit expensive so I use Johnson’s baby bath or shampoo as they are gentle for cleansing.  Up until very recently I just used the palm of my hand to clean but I found this mitt in the homeware section of Penneys (it’s a silicon oven mitt!), the little grooves and silicon make it much quicker to remove the makeup from your brushes this cost me a mere €1.50.

If your brushes have an indent in the metal they should be washed side to side and then the rounder brushes that don’t have an indent should be washed in a circular motion.


So to get started:

Get a Small Bowl with warm water (not hot) I find this easier than in a sink, I think your more inclined to submerge the brushes then.  Add a squirt of your Johnson’s (or other mild shampoo or baby bath) to the water, put on your mitt then dip your bristles into the water and use your circular motion on the mitt to start cleaning you’ll see the makeup dissolving away, you just really need to do this a couple of times.  Holding your brush downwards run it under warm water till it runs clear, you may need to repeat washing it on the mitt again if it still looks a little dirty.

BEFORE                                                        AFTER (LOOK AT THAT DIRTY WATER!)

Shake your brush and reshape gently before lying it on a dry, clean towel to dry naturally over night and be ready to use.

You can always use a makeup brush spray between deep cleaning and this will help with the build up of bacteria on your brushes, Penneys now do one for around €2.

NEVER soak your brushes – this allows water into the metal part and starts to dislodge the glue that holds the hairs and this is why people complain that the hairs keep falling out!  If you look after your brushes they will last for a very long time, I know it’s a boring chore but its a worthwhile one.

Yay clean brushes – Happy days till next week anyway!

Hope you find this helpful, any questions please feel free to ask.

Sarah x


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