My Christmas Gift Guide


Hey there,

Not everyone was in a position to take full advantage of Black Friday for one reason or another, one being if your like me you where totally unorganised and unprepared!!!!!  So I have picked a few (well more than a few really!) goodies that the Man or Woman in your life will thank you for all year long x  Continue reading


ÓGRA Nourishing Facial Moisturiser


I ran out of my normal moisturiser and I had this ÓGRA Facial Moisturiser that I had been meaning to try.  The box it comes in is in itself gorgeous, black and gold very elegant. Continue reading

Penneys Mini Christmas Spree

Hi there Girlies,

The girls have ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ on the 8th December in school and because they grow faster than I can keep up, the jumpers they had last year won’t go next to near them!!!! Continue reading

Winter Warmer Soup

 Im not sure if it’s only me but this cold is killing me, granted I hate the cold but it’s just freezing everywhere!!!! I know it’s that time of the year but I don’t remember it bothering me quite so much and it’s only the start eeeekkkk…..
Continue reading

Yummy Vegan Pancakes


So the weekend is usually for pancakes!! A long way back when I was on a real hunt for yummy Vegan baking alternatives for my daughter Abbie I discovered this recipe. Continue reading

What Foundations I use at the minute


I wear makeup mostly everyday, maybe not Sunday if we’re not up to anything.  So if you see me out and about without my so called war paint there’s something wrong (just a warning!). Continue reading

How I styled my Houndstooth skirt


I wanted to do an outfit post on what I wore last Sunday everyone seemed to like it, so I thought I would find alternatives for you as everything I wore was pulled from the back of my wardrobe!!! Continue reading