Special Occasion Outfit

This outfit started with the statement necklace, how pretty is it! This is from http://www.bettyandbiddy.com, gorgeous jewellery pieces for very affordable prices I couldn’t help wanting everything.  A statement piece changes a whole outfit even a T-shirt!This was such a beautiful neckpiece it deserved to be styled for a special occasion guarantee this would get lots of comments.

Buy here €28.00

I loved the look of the dress looks a lot more expensive than it is.  Ok so it is polyester but for those of us not blessed with a six pack and tiny hips a pair of spanx will definitely help sort that, I couldn’t believe it cost under €20.00 and free shipping worldwide from http://www.zaful.com.

Buy here €19.75 (

I love a statement pair of shoes, shoes can be a work of art they can also make such a difference to an outfit and when I saw these babies they definitely cried out at me…… you can never have too many shoes, bags, coats, makeup ahhh what the heck anything really!!  Seeing as the dress was so affordable the shoes had to be a little more extravagant.

Buy here €116.18 (Windsor Smith from Asos)

Here are a few other little bits to finish off the look, I hope you like let me know what you think girlies.

Sarah xxx

Buy here €47.06  (Lipsy from Asos)

Buy here €10.00

Buy here €10.00


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