L’Oreal Mythic Oil

Hey there Girls,


A friend of mine gave me this last week to try, I do love my Revlon Unique one but I said I’d give this a whirl.  I normally wouldn’t even entertain oils because I fear that they will make my roots even greasier and nobody wants that but this smelt devine and promises to really nourish, I’m a sucker for advertising.  It claims:

Treats, pampers and transforms the look of hair into glossy, shiny and supple locks

You can add this to dry or damp hair, I used it after my shower on towel dried hair.  I used 2 pumps in my palm worked it into my hair from the ends to the crown and then brushed it through, you can then style as normal.  As I said you can also use this on dry hair as a finishing product to add shine and smoothness to your style.  I let mine dry naturally and when I got up this morning it was so soft and wavy with a lovely smell.  It contains avocado oil for intense nourishment and grape seed oil for shine, hand on heart it didn’t make my hair greasy its more like a dry oil, I will definitely be using this up, I can alternate between the two. You can buy it here from lookfantastic.com

Let me know if you’ve tried this and what you think.

Sarah xx



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