My Tanning Rituals


Tanning is a big business these days and I definitely think this is an area where its better to fake it!!  I’ve used many tans over the years and I have to say hands down Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan in dark is most definitely my favourite, it’s so hard to get it wrong with this tan.  I avoided the 1 hour tan for quite some time using the ‘Night & Day’ one simply because the word ‘Dark’ put me off, I like my tan to look very natural (even though its faked! not asking for much) and it really does that and lasts for about 5 days.  What I love too is that it never comes off patchy (hate) it just gradually fades which is a huge bonus with any tan, there is nothing worse. Sometimes if I want to go a little darker I’ll apply another layer the next morning and shower before I go out.  I always use a tanning mitt, gone are the days when you’d lather yourself in tan with your hands and scrub the living daylights out of them taking off layers of skin so you didn’t have tangoed hands, thankfully that is a thing of the past……



I always use the Cocoa Brown ‘Tough Stuff’ the morning I hope to tan, I usually apply tan before bed and give it the optimum temperature and time to develop!  As an exfoliator it is very good, I use it on my skin dry before I hop into the shower to give it a good exfoliation.


If I’m in a rush I have been known to use ‘Lovely legs’ all over especially since the new improved colour, this is an instant tan so make sure not to get caught in the rain it will run, but for a last minute quick fix you can’t go wrong.


I discovered the Nuxe Dry Oil with shimmer during the summer and wow it is amazing!!! The smell is devine and because it’s a dry oil it doesn’t feel greasy or slimy.  I put it down the front of my leg and along my collar bone, it just adds a little shimmer but makes a whole lot of difference, do however wash your hands straight after otherwise you and anybody/thing you touch will glitter along with you!

Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think.

Sarah xx



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