What Foundations I use at the minute


I wear makeup mostly everyday, maybe not Sunday if we’re not up to anything.  So if you see me out and about without my so called war paint there’s something wrong (just a warning!).  I do feel a little more confident with my makeup and I do refer to it as my war paint as a joke but all joking aside I don’t feel comfortable without it, I know that may seem ridiculous to those of you who do not rely on makeup but everyone has their crutch and makeup is ONE of mine……….I remember years back when someone saw me without my makeup and they looked at me with pure concern and asked if I was ok because I looked awful (cringe face) they of course where worried, I was mortified ‘No’ I replied ‘This is the makeup free me’, I suppose I did walk away feeling a little sicker after the encounter!!!!!!

Anyway enough about my insecurities and on to Foundation, I do love foundation if applied right it gives you a smooth flawless canvas to work with.  In my hay day I used Lancôme and Clinique but since my four beautiful amazing little ladies arrived I have had to look for cheaper alternatives to a lot of things, my foundation not escaping the cull!!  I do seem to gravitate more to the Rimmel foundations, I do want to get my hands on the newer one too Match Perfect so watch out for that when I get my grubby little mitts on it, I may not have much longer to wait as its my birthday next week and this (with another few pieces) may have to be my treat to myself!  So here’s what I alternate between at the moment:


Rimmel Wake me up Foundation

This is a light to medium coverage foundation which comes in 5 shades.  I use the shade 200 Soft Beige and it also has an SPF 15.  I really like this foundation because it has an illuminator added to give your skin that Dewy glow which is bang on trend, so it is quite hydrating and not at all drying.  I do suffer with an oily T-zone so I do need to powder this area lightly as it can look a little oilier with this foundation but the powder sorts that problem. Cost €10.99


L’Oreal True Match

This is a light coverage foundation with an SPF 17 in shade Rose Vanilla but when I purchase again I will go up a shade or two because it is a little to light but perfect with no tan.  As you can see from the bottle this is well used it even got a beating from my 3 yr old who dropped in on the bathroom floor!  This is definitely an everyday kind of foundation it gives you light base to work with but you can build it up, it can make your skin look a little oily too so powder will be needed.  Mine is now all used now but I will buy another. Cost €14.99


Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 HR Nude Foundation

This a medium coverage foundation that feels hydrating and moisturizing which comes in 8 shades, I use shade 200 Soft Beige and it has an SPF 20. I find I’m reaching for this most days lately I find it gives a lovely coverage and reduces the appearance of pores, which I need!! It lasts very well throughout the day but I do find that this is down to how you apply and set your foundation.  As I said above I set my T-zone as this can be very oily not so much with this foundation though and I only lightly powder as I do not like the really powdered look, I find it makes you look older and dries out your skin leaving it flaky.  I’m not too sure about the 25Hr thing, who in their right minds needs a foundation that stays put that long or am I getting way too old!!!! Cost €9.99


Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR with Comfort Serum

This is a full coverage foundation with SPF 20 and comes in 7 shades, I use shade 200 Soft Beige. I would normally use this for a night out or an event (so it doesn’t get too much use!) and if I have tan on I tend to mix it with my Maybelline Fit Me which is a much darker shade and makes it not as thick. It lasts really well and doesn’t go patchy like some full coverage foundations can.  I really like this for a flawless lasting finish. Cost €9.99


Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

This is a Gel Foundation with no waxes and an SPF 18, I use shade 220 Natural Beige this is a darker shade than I would normally wear but great with a tan. Its a translucent gel that doesn’t cake your face it looks quite natural, I do mix it sometimes with my Rimmel full coverage to make a darker shade that gives a fuller coverage. Cost €11.99

Boots Ireland regularly have offers 3 for 2 OR 2 for €12 on makeup so always keep an eye out.

So I hope you enjoyed this post, do you use any of the products? Let me know and of course what you think…….

Sarah xxx




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