Maternity Winter Coats

Hey there,

No I’m not trying to tell you something!!! I do however have gorgeous friends whom are pregnant and really struggling to find outerwear to keep them both warm and stylish and in the whole not too pricey.  I remember when I was pregnant and trying to use the coats I had and I went through 2 pretty freezing winters because I would not pay the extortionate prices that the maternity boutiques where charging for a coat that you would only use for a few months and maybe never wear again.  The availability and style of maternity wear has come on so much but when I went looking for coats I was amazed that the stores directed at pregnant women did not do even one coat,  so after a good old search I’ve come up with a selection that won’t break the bank, some are not even maternity but will do a great job at keeping you and your little bundle snug in this freezing weather.  You will also be able to wear them afterwards too although I remember wanting to burn my maternity wear after my first pregnancy because I only really had a couple of things that I wore over and over again (thank god I didn’t when I went on to get pregnant 3 more times!!).  I have put a cape or two in because if your heavily pregnant that internal heating system your carrying around can make you overheat big time!!!!  I hope you enjoy and you beautifully pregnant ladies like the choices…………

iClothing Buy here

Asos Buy here

iClothing Buy here


Warehouse at Littlewoods Ireland Buy here

iClothing Buy here

Asos Buy here

iClothing Buy here

H&M Buy here


Sarah xxx




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