No7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm



I LOVE this product!! Its been around for over a year now and I’ve been using it for over 6 months.  As the name suggests its a balm that once applied over your normal moisturiser gives your skin an instant radiance without looking sparkly or really shiny.  In the summer time I use this on its own when my skin is ever so slightly tanned (and I mean EVER so slightly) and in the winter I either put my normal foundation of choice over it as I normally would or if I’m in a hurry I mix the balm into my moisturiser and apply with a brush for a beautiful dewy illuminated finish.


I also use it to illuminate tanned skin on my body the collar bone and shins to elongate the leg.  Even if you do not wear makeup you will love this, the feel, the smell and the instant healthy dew it gives your skin.


It is a little pricey for No7 but I have to say this brand has really come on in the research and development that they put into their products and I feel that it is definitely worth the price tag, only available in boots for €23.50 (30ml) and it is available on their 3 for 2.  You can purchase it here.


Have any of you guys tried it??? If so what do you think?


Sarah xxx


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