My top 3 Affordable Concealers 


Hey there Guys,

I REALLY rely on concealer whether it’s for imperfections or under eye circles (or luggage as I like to call them!) I need lots and it needs to do exactly what it says on the little container!  There are lots and lots of options out there and as much as we would love to use the best sometimes our pockets will not stretch to the pricey versions.  So my options and I use them everyday, are affordable and in my opinion work very well.  I use a very light coloured concealer under my eyes in a V-shape to highlight and brighten the under eye and then I will use a beige concealer to match in with my foundation on imperfections (or 2nd heads as mine normally are!!!).  So here are my Fav’s at the minute all under €10……..



NYX HD Concealer – I am a big fan of NYX products in general, I got my HD photo concealer from Cara Pharmacy in CW01 which is a Porcelain shade and is perfect under the eye area to brighten and reflect light, making your dark circles practically disappear.  I love the consistency and lasting finish of this concealer, I find it doesn’t even need to be set with powder and it’s so reasonable at €7.75 Buy here.  Definitely my fav for under eye you really should have it in your collection.


Catrice Liquid Camouflage – Shade 010 Porcelain.  Guys for the price point this is a great concealer, it is a high coverage, waterproof, highly pigmented concealer and I really like it.  I will alternate between this and my NYX for under eye luggage and its very hard to say anything bad about it, I do not use powder over this as it can sink into lines and cake a little but I find if I don’t its absolutely fine.  I get mine in either Cara Pharmacy or Penneys for around €4. Definitely one to try, I’m actually going to purchase a beige for imperfections also to try.


Rimmel Wake me up – I have this in Soft Beige and love it!  The consistency is lovely not too thick quite perfect really and full coverage.  I use the soft beige to conceal imperfections and redness around the nose area and it illuminates, I have mixed it with my foundation too when in a hurry (which is usually all the time!) and it gives extra coverage to cover small imperfections (when the skin is in a good mood).  I get mine in Boots, it costs €6.99 and you can Buy here.


It also depends what tools you use to apply your concealer as it does with foundation.  In general I use my Blank Canvas F02 (large end) to apply my concealer because it basically paints it on, I use mine in  very gentle small brush strokes (like stippling) don’t go too heavy because you don’t want to remove too much concealer.  The F18 works really well also but you need to use this is a stippling effect (dabbing) to make sure it gives as much coverage as possible.  You can also use sponges on the narrow end make sure you wet it first and wring it out to make it more damp than wet this will set your foundation and concealer and it wont absorb into the sponge wasting product.

F02 €11.99 Buy Here

F18 €13.99 Buy Here

So that’s it for my concealers (at the minute!), I hope you find it helpful and as always please feel free to comment or ask anything…………


Sarah xxx


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