Riverisland Outfit Inspo

Hi there guys,

I really like Riverisland from the Amelie and Molly Jeans to their fab footwear, they really cater for lots of different tastes and budgets and they do free delivery over €60 which is great because when you look on the website your most likely not going to spend anything under that because you want everything!! I LOVE their sales too I have gotten some great bargains in the past so make sure to have a look over the New Year sales if there’s anything you have your eye on then is the time to get it (like this dress I’ll be keeping my beady eyes on!).

This dress caught my eye because of how perfect it is for this time of year, I really like the black and white check and the cowl neck is so easy to wear for everyone this cut will flatter  most shapes and means when you’ve over indulged over the Christmas period you don’t have to worry about sucking in!  I find if oversized is styled right with accessories it can look very smart and elegant,  I also like that it looks like a very warm and cosy fabric again perfect for this time of year.

The black sleeveless tassel jacket is not too heavy and it will hang a little longer than the dress which  I think always looks perfect! I’ve styled it quite Boho which is very on trend at the moment instead of over the knee boots I liked the look of the ankle boots with it, you can wear tights if you’re not brave (or warm!) enough to go bare but bare is cute.  This dress will work as the weather gets milder too when you can leave off the jacket and maybe just wear a scarf or faux fur over your shoulders.

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 20 15.55

Cowl neck Black Check Oversized Dress €50 BUY HERE

Dark Purple Floppy Hat €37 BUY HERE

Black Sleeveless Tassle Jacket €43 BUY HERE

Black Bock Heeled Ankle Boots Reduced to €40 BUY HERE

Black Tassle Oversized Slouchy Bag €45 BUY HERE

Black Embellished Ear Cuffs €13 BUY HERE

So I hope you like girlies please feel free as always to comment or ask any questions, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Sarah xxxx



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