Kiddies Christmas Eve Box

Hey there guys,


It’s nearly here!  So it’s a great time to think about a Christmas Eve box for the kids, (a Christmas Eve Box what’s that?? I hear you say) I’ve been doing this for a the past 4 years for the girls and think its such a lovely idea, it’s a great start to the Christmas celebrations.  It originated in the states but it’s really caught on here over the past few years and I know lots who do it.  The kiddies get as excited about it as they do about the big day great fun altogether!!

Firstly you need a box to put your stuff into and there is no shortage of boxes around the Christmas time!!  Some people buy special Christmas keepsake boxes but I just use a cardboard box and wrap it gives them something to tear open and it costs nothing.  The next item is the Christmas Jammies, everyone has to have new jammies for the big day I got the girls in Penneys (see here) and they cost between €9 and €15 but Heatons, Dunnes, Littlewoods, Debenhams, Mamas and Papas and Tesco all have lovely ones.  Next I put in a pair of novelty socks and slippers, I got the socks this year in Heatons and they where only €2 for 2 pairs!!! The slippers are Dunnes for €12 and so warm and cosy.




Then you can put in some goodies maybe chocolate, popcorn, jellies or treats that your little ones enjoy this part really is up to you, I got these cute little boxes of marshmallows in the shapes of Christmas trees and snowmen from Dealz for €1.49 and I also like to put in a colouring book it keeps them occupied for a little while and calms the excitement a little so that they don’t get to the point of passing out with it!!!!  I also put in a Christmas DVD again this is up to you there are normally some nice movies on Christmas Eve everyone can sit together and watch with their goodies so you don’t have to do this.




What I like about this idea is you can make it as big, small, cheap or expensive as you like but I like to keep it simple enough after all its just a taster for the big event and they just love the novelty of it so I think it’s better not to go overboard but the decision is yours my lovlies.  Hope you like this idea or if you already do it let me know what you put into your box.


Sarah xxx


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