Christmas 2015 and What I’ve Learnt This Year


Hey there Girls,

I hope you all had a lovely happy, relaxing Christmas, I certainly did I was so relaxed I forgot to take photos!!!  I do LOVE Christmas, what’s not to love, slowing down and spending time with your nearest and dearest minus the extra stone in weight it couldn’t get any better!!!

Christmas Eve was busy because as always I left things on the long finger so the morning started with cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning and then on to wrap EVERYTHING!! I will never learn but I think this is part of my Christmas tradition (I just don’t know it yet!) ………so after hours of wrapping and maybe a glass of wine to calm the nerves, we all dressed up and went to meet very good friends for a couple of Christmas drinkies which was so so nice to catch up, life gets so busy we all nearly forget to get together but it really is the best medicine to be with friends especially at such a nice time of year and the kiddies love seeing their buddies too.  When we came home everybody got into their new jammies they had gotten in their boxes see here and we put out all the goodies for Santa, they get so excited!!  Chocies, mince pies, carrots and milk sure what more could Santa and his reindeer’s want!

Christmas day was so nice, early rising of course (it wouldn’t be Christmas otherwise) and the girls where delighted with their pressies although Emily was a bit put out over a Playdoh toy that Sophie got but she swiftly moved on (phew for that).  We had lots of Lego assembly, Xbox games and more playdoh than I care to remember (I’ve been sweeping it up ever since!).  Dinner was delicious and it was followed by more playing, although at this stage I was stuffed to capacity and longing for the couch and it eventually came.  It didn’t disappoint some movies, chocolate and a glass or two of vino for the adults, we had a very relaxing evening.  The next day we went to my Mum’s and had a little party and boy did I eat my weight in food.  I have definitely put on at least a stone so lots of work ahead for me in early 2016 me thinks!!! It was so lovely spending time with family, there is nothing like it exchanging gifts, eating, drinking and enjoying each others company such a lovely day.  So all in all we had a great Christmas, quiet yes but there’s nothing wrong with that and that brings me on to things that I’ve learnt in 2015.

What I’ve Learnt in 2015


Ok so it takes a long time for a lot of things to sink in well for me anyway! I tend to be the type of person who gives chance after chance and takes a lot from people but my number one learning this year has been to let people go and not be taken advantage of, I will stand up for my nearest and dearest and will make no apology for that and I don’t think anyone should………….Don’t continue to waste time on people who are not true friends it’s exhausting, people who don’t afford you the same time and attention that you give to them, there’s not really much point when you think about it.  This has taken me a very long time to learn as it does with most, nobody wants to admit failures and this goes for friendships too, yes it can hurt and is painful to let go sometimes but over time it is easier and it becomes clearer how wrong it was. Surround yourself with honest genuine people and you immediately feel more positive.


Another big one for me this year was to ‘fight your fear and just do it’, believe in yourself.  I have never been someone to draw attention to myself and have always worried what people think of me and this has stopped me from doing a lot of things that I would love to have done, again I suppose its fear of failure and making a ham of myself but this year I can definitely say I conquered that fear by starting my blog and putting myself on every social media platform.  Whilst it hasn’t been easy at all  and I’m sure there will be more obstacles ahead, taking the first step is sometimes the hardest and I’ve done that and I’m not stopping there, I have more planned for 2016!  I suppose a reason for starting the blog other than my love of makeup and fashion was to build my confidence (from absolutely nothing) I’m not sure just yet if it will achieve that exactly, as there have been days when I’ve thought why the heck am I putting myself through this but you never know unless you try, every little word of encouragement means so much and they are as positive as anyone can hope for and I thank you all for that.  More positivity for 2016.


Stop and take stock.  We don’t always have to be busy running around, sometimes we nearly invent things just to be busy!  I’ve learnt this year that its OK to have days where you do very little in fact it means more time to spend with the family and its quality time just together even if it’s just lying on the couch with the kids watching a film they remember these things. Ok this one I may not be completely comfortable with yet I find it hard to sit and relax I suppose it comes from having 4 kids, there’s ALWAYS something to be done but hey it’ll be there tomorrow so slowly this one is sinking in.

So that’s my end of year reflection girls, have you started to think about what you’ve learnt and achieved in 2015 or any goals you want to meet in 2016, I know I have more than a few and I’ll be sharing them all in good time.  I am excited and anxious about it all at the same time but ‘Doubt kills more dreams than fear ever will’! so if you want something bad enough go do it! So on that note ladies I wish you all a Happy and safe New Year ……..



Sarah xxx


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