Getting organised for 2016


Hey there gorgeous girlies,

So all the festivities are over and I’m itching like I don’t know what to get into routine and some sort of organisation.  One of my main goals for 2016 is to get organised, I always find that things mull around in my head and unless I write them down I start to get very stressed and anxious thinking of everything I have to do even down to shopping lists and then I start forgetting things!!  In the past I’ve started out with the best of intentions and it’s always gone by the wayside, so this year I’ve decided to actually write down my goals and I hope that this will give me more incentive to achieve them.  IMG_1407


I went out today and bought a Calendar (to organise the family) and a Diary (to organise myself!).  I needed somewhere to put my ideas, events I have coming up and reminders, I need paper because I can’t be trusted with a phone (I’ve demolished a few recently oops) and then I have the calendar to organise everybody from appointments to activities to days off school, I have to say I’m already feeling motivated, positive and a smidgen organised (ask me again after January how my plan is going!).


I had my eye on a fab Kate Spade Agenda but it was a little pricey at €46 so I went into Tesco today and picked up this really gorgeous girly pink diary (€9) with a day per page, which is ideal for writing down blog ideas and appointments etc plenty of space to get rid of all that anxiety!! and then I saw the really pretty (and functional) calendar (€6.50) perfect for my big family and all their demands and activities AND I’m able to write little shopping lists too, great for keeping a schedule for everyone………watch me guys I’m gonna be like the most efficient person ever!!!! Hahahahaha (anyone who knows me well might snigger slightly at this statement but my intentions are huge).

Getting to it!!!!

What do you do to feel organised and kill that anxiety that sprouts from being unorganised??? Or are you the sort of person who thrives on flying by the seat of their pants, I suppose I’m a bit half and half really we all start off with the best of intentions but I’m really going to try hard to keep it up because its going to be a busy 6 months and hopefully 12 months.  As always I hope you enjoy and I love to hear from any of you your thoughts or suggestions.

Love always,

Sarah xxx


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