Pippa Palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics


Hey Girlies,

It’s taken me a little while to write my post on the Pippa Palette I agree, but it took me some time to get over the part destruction of it by my 3 and 4 year olds!!!!!  I had patiently waited for this palette for some time and when I say patiently I might be lying slightly, I don’t do much patiently it actually killed me (and everyone around me) to wait and go on and on about the fact that I so badly wanted it (little to be worrying about I know but it took my mind of the big worries!).  It may sound stupid to some people being so excited about a piece of makeup but like anything people enjoy its whatever floats your boat in my mind.  Thankfully its still useable after the little munchkins had their wicked way with it, but my LULU highlighter got a good going over!


Moving on from that little disaster this palette is a little gem, for one you have most of your makeup in one palette to carry around as opposed to eyeshadow, bronzer, blusher and highlighter saving you a lot of space in your makeup bag.  I love the shadows which are all matte, this palette actually converted me to matte shadows, I have always been a sucker for shimmer but these colours are amazing for everyone and anyone.  You can achieve so many looks by using 2 – 3 of the shadows together or they are just as good on their own, SUSU being a daily favourite of mine on its own.  I love to use KD as a liner just use a small slanted brush to apply and it lasts really well you could also use a little INGLOT Duraline if you plan on really putting it through its paces but I’ve never had an issue using it on its own.

swatchesColour swatches

I am a huge fan of The Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter and I didn’t actually think another could be anywhere as good but LULU is a stunner with fab pigmentation and I find myself reaching for this more often than not!! AMOUR (bronzer) is ideal for contouring with PIPSY (blush) complementing the cheeks, it is a lovely peachy rose colour and you don’t need to apply lots less is definitely more here girls.

IMG_5957Eyes, Contouring, Blush and Highlighting all Pippa Palette

So all in all ladies this palette is a beauty and I will definitely be buying another, loving the matte look on the eyes.  Blank Canvas really have great quality in their products and of course all my products are applied with the Blank Canvas brushes really great quality and such great prices.  You can purchase the Pippa Palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics for €34.99 or you can now buy the palette with the perfect brushes here for €89.99 UNFORTUNATELY it is currently out of stock but definitely put it on your 2016 makeup wishlist girls.

As always I hope you enjoyed and I’m always delighted to hear from you.

Love always,

Sarah xxx





6 thoughts on “Pippa Palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics

  1. Vernie Par la Vie says:

    Oh nowwww I want it even more!!!
    On Instagram the other you told me you wanted the UDxGwenStefani even more after my comment… well, same for me here!!
    Sineadycady keeps giving amazing review about this palette. I’m on a no-nuy program in January (lol) but I need to get my hand on one of these in February =)
    Thanks for the honest really good review =)


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