Nothing like a Pop of Colour!


Hey there Girls,

So with all this black going around at the moment I felt compelled to have my say about introducing colour into your life!!  I haven’t always been great with colour the darker the outfit the better, to hide me basically (do not draw attention to oneself!) and definitely not anywhere near my face, are you joking pink lippie, not a chance!!  About a year or so ago I started to lose weight rapidly, it was after my 4th was born and I had breastfed for a year as I had with my others (not my 1st unfortunately it didn’t work so well with her but that’s a story for another day) it was put down to stress and just being down right busy really.  Once any serious illness was ruled out I started to count my lucky stars and this is when I started to rediscover my love of fashion and makeup because I could wear things I wouldn’t have dared looked at never mind put on me!!!!  I suppose when you have small children you can forget about yourself and your interests for a little while but it does come back I promise! 

Colour can reinvent an old outfit and it certainly spices up black!! It can really lift your mood too if your feeling a little under the weather.   I don’t mean head to toe neon pink but added by a smart jacket, killer heels or a statement necklace.  Don’t get me wrong I still love black and it can look amazing worn the right way with the right accessories.

Another way to get your POP is with lippie (generally on a night out, I do still love my nudes for day time!), amazing how even with loosing weight I became more adventurous with my lippie from red to pink to coral (wow).  Here are some examples where I’ve used colour to reinvent or just change-up a look……….

My shoes look like a coral here but they are orange too!! I promise I didn’t make a total fashion faux pas 🙂

Cerise to Coral to Cherry pop!!

Here are a few pieces to encourage you to introduce that little bit of colour into your wardrobe, makeup bag or jewellery box ……….

image1xxl                                                                                Asos Buy here

.680049_main                                                                           Riverisland Buy here

Caribbean-Necklace                                                                        Glitz n’ Pieces Buy here

f2600518_natasha_22_06_15_hm_1                                                                           Missguided Buy here

Hope you like guys and as always I love to hear what you think or if you have any questions.

Love always,

Sarah xxx


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