Outfit Inspiration – Marks & Spencers

Hey there Girls,

I really like Marks & Spencers for their quality and choice. From food to clothes to underwear and the children’s clothes are amazing!! I still have babygros (not that I still use them) from when my oldest was a baby 10 years ago and the other 3 have all worn them and they still have no balling apart from a stain here or there, they are as good as new!  So I decided to put a fab outfit together based around this gorgeous grey comfy polo jumper that would take you anywhere, its smart-casual which I love because it’s so easy to wear. I hope you like, as always let me know what you think girls x


Buy this look (click on links in red)

Cowl Neck Boxy Ribbed Wool Jumper €65

Skinny Fit Jeans €34

Wool Blend Double Breasted Coat  €49 – €195

Brogues now €19.99

Leather Crossbody Bag €88


Love always,

Sarah xxx






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