Back to College – Week 1

Hey there Girls,

So this was my 1st week as a student again!!!! The nerves where unreal all the way up to Dublin yesterday.  This week was all about induction, we where greeted by the VanityX team Olivia our Tutor, Christine the Academy Manager and Emma a Trainee Tutor who where very welcoming and informative.  After filling out forms we began the introductions and this was great getting to meet the other students in the class.  It’s a great mixture of girls aging from 16 – 46, different backgrounds and everyone has a different reason for choosing the course and the outcomes that they want from it but what we all have in common is our desire to become confident Makeup artists, for whatever reason.


This is a very intensive course and will require 100% dedication and I already cant wait for next week,  there will be lots of Homework which I feel will be more enjoyable than the ‘normal’ homework we have all grown to expect!  It will be by no means easy but this is what makes me look forward to it even more I think.  The girls in VanityX are there to make sure they give you all the confidence and knowledge to produce a Professional Makeup Artist who can meet any challenge they may encounter on an assignment be it a wedding or a fashion show.  They have been doing the makeup for the last 3 years for the Miss Ireland competition and working with publications like RSVP and VIP to mention a few and in 5 years have made a huge name for themselves in the industry because of the quality they turn out.


During the induction I could feel the excitement building followed by the nerves on the mention of photoshoots and exams but then followed again by excitement at the idea that if I put my all into this I can achieve anything!   We got our Trainee T-shirts and station towel, we also received our Kit which included a Crownbrush UK set of brushes, our Inglot kit which included the Freeform system (which are pallets that allow you to swap and change your shadows,blushes etc), primer, shadows, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, lipglosses, eyeliner and setting powder.  We use an array of foundations that are kept in the academy so that we have a wide selection to get used to using.   As the course progresses we will build up our Professional Kit with the guidance of our tutor, so that we have it ready to go on completion.   There’s also an option to take part in work experience and if your tutor feels you are ready for the fast paced environment you will be sent on the assignment which sounds like a great opportunity and helps build your confidence and abilities, so hopefully this will be something I can take part in too.




I did find myself worrying a little about how I would manage everything from my family to the course to my blog but I’ve made a plan and if I stick to it everything will run smoothly (I hope ;-)).   I am really looking forward to next Saturday already we will be talking skin, cleansing, preparing and working with problem skin.  I hope you enjoyed reading as always I love to hear from you so any questions or comments feel free to ask.

Till next time my lovlies,

Sarah xxx



6 thoughts on “Back to College – Week 1

  1. Vernie Par la Vie says:

    This all sounds so exciting! Don’t be nervous, you have absolutely nothing to loose and I’m sure you will manage all this like a pro!
    Good luck and have fun!!!
    PS: I might be jealouse of all the Crownbrush set =)

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