Creating that inspiring work space at home

Hey there Girls,

Lately with all the changes going on I’ve been thinking and longing for a space in the house that can be used for getting creative or just plain old trying to sort out life in general.  Somewhere girly (himself will adjust!) and inviting, obviously it doesn’t have to be a big space just to fit a desk and chair and some decorative features (these are so important to make an area look and feel inviting).  Trying to do up a blog post with my laptop on my knee is getting a bit old now and with my course going to get intense to say the least,  it would be great to have a corner of the house to go and concentrate, I’m not asking for a room just a corner not much to ask for (as I giggle to myself in a house of 6!).   I set about googling sites for furniture etc and of course IKEA came up trumps with everything  from the desk to the décor for the area I have to work with.  It has both functionality and affordability no other reason (it might look like an IKEA ad I can assure you it’s not!).  Here’s what I chose and hopefully it wont take too long to get that space that we all will use and benefit from in our house xxx



I really like this desk because it’s not too big and bulky yet it still has good storage perfect for the area I have to work with. Look here €65


Love this chair!! It looks comfy and functional for all that sitting back and daydreaming oh sorry I mean creative thinking! Look



How fab is this lamp.  It has an antique feel to it even though its IKEA! Look here €45


This very cute blanket is feminine and perfect to throw over your shoulders if your feeling a little chilly while you work away to your heart’s content, I would leave this loosely thrown over the back of the chair for decoration. Look here €20.


These imitation old style milk churns would be gorgeous with the artificial flowers for a bit of colour and style, I would fake the whole flower thing I don’t have time or budget for loads of fresh flowers and with candles you don’t need the scent it’s just for the feel.  Look here €12 and here €2.25.


This bowl is very versatile you could use it for office supplies like paperclips etc or what I like is to add these decorative balls for a bit of colour and texture. Look here €7.50 and here €5 for 4.


These containers are perfect for pens and pencils etc and I am very partial to grey so I have to get it into the décor some how! Look here €2.50 (so reasonable, I have these in pink and green on my kitchen windowsill with artificial plants, Love them)


No office space would be complete (or lets face it feminine) without some frames and pictures to add that little something to a creative space.  Pictures often offer you the start of a story the rest is up to you. Look (cutout butterfly art) here €12, (grey picture frame) here €6, (butterfly picture in frame) here €17, (frame for cecile poster) here €22 and (cecile poster) here €9.  Add a few of my fav White Cotton candles from Dunnes Stores (so reasonable at €4 a jar) they have such an amazing scent for Dunnes stores and are not sickly like some of the expensive brands, hey presto all done (in my mind anyhow!).

I hope you like my picks to create a calm work space, for once when I go to IKEA I know exactly what I want!!!! As always I would love to hear from you ……

Till the next time lovlies,

Sarah xxx







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