Back to College Week 2 – All about skin care and preperation

Hey there GIrls,

So this week was about skin, skincare and skin prep.  The most important part of Makeup application is preparing the skin, if the skin is not prepared properly you may just forget about putting makeup on or at least forget about it looking perfect and flawless which is why we all use makeup!!   We had a mixture of theory and practical which was great, I think you learn more when you put it all together otherwise you just forget all the important information.  There’s a lot of information!  I hope my nappy destroyed brain can keep it all in but I’m pretty hopeful because I love it and we all know if your doing something you love and have a real interest in, it doesn’t feel like learning it just feels exciting.

bc9d6c5969ed6902996c0924b395111dHealthy looking skin V’s Dull tired dehydrated skin (photo by Carol_Anne – Getty Images)

So yesterday we concentrated hugely on Hygiene, so so important as a makeup artist to keep hygiene and cleanliness at the top of your list at all times!!!  From how you present yourself (who wants someone with dirty hands and patchy makeup touching their face!) to how you clean and sterilise your tools all as important as each other.  From there we moved on to Contraindications ie reasons why you would avoid or be cautious to proceed with a makeup application, then we discussed skin types, skin conditions and factors that can alter the condition of the skin.  Skin tones where very interesting and the characteristics that help you determine a persons skin tone, we moved onto a little product knowledge talking about colour correcting and primers and there benefits.  In between this we practised prepping the skin, cleansing, toning and moisturising.  It felt quite strange at first to touch somebody else’s face,  but our tutor was great for helping us determine the skin type once this was all done and by the end I was touching my team mates face with no thought at all!!!

It was a great day, learnt so much and every week I’m getting more and more excited for the following week!  We have a lot of homework this week a mixture of research and small presentations but for the first time in my life I actually cant wait to do my homework (never thought I’d hear myself say that).  Next week will be more product knowledge and all our brushes from cleaning to which brush to use and when.  Looking forward to it girls and I hope your enjoying my weekly updates on what we get up to, as always any questions just ask.

Till next time,

Sarah xxx



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