Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One

Hey there Girls,


If you guys have been following me for any length of time here, on facebook or Instagram you will know what a fan I am of Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  From their palettes to their brushes I can’t get enough of this Irish owned business, it’s so great to have such great quality, price and service AND you get to support an irish company such a win-win for me.  Blank Canvas Brushes are amazing quality, soft and durable I recommend them to anyone and everyone!!  I’ve been using their contour palette for an age now (I will actually do a post on it in the near future) it’s a powder palette which I find gives a much more natural and blendable contour.

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Yummy Banana Bread Recipe

Hey there Girls,


Do you ever buy a huge bunch of bananas in your weekly shop and 5 days later most of them are still sitting in the fruit bowl???  This happens in our house a bit we go through fazes every other piece of fruit is devoured but for some reason the poor old banana gets left out, so I set about finding a recipe to make great banana bread.  It took a while to find a great one and even at that I have tweaked it a bit replacing plain flour with self-raising for a lighter bread, halving the amount of baking powder and changing the caster sugar to soft light demerara sugar.  So here’s my version and I promise you will love it and its so easy to make,  the first time I made it I threw the mixture in the bin I thought I’d made a mess of it but no it’s ment to look like that (I put pictures so you know what I mean!) generally I make double the amount which will give you an extra-large loaf and 6 muffins (which the kids love in their lunch box).
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Fab heels for that Special Occasion

Hey there Girls,

So it is fast approaching Communion and Confirmation season ladies and for some this can fill you with dread between dressing your little angel, organising catering and decorating, not to mention organising the rest of the family!!!!  It is a hectic day running and organising but hugely satisfying and a very proud moment.

Your footwear is critical (wink wink) on the day, it has to be functional (not breaking your feet) and fab all at the same time.  So I’ve done my duty (who am I kidding its a pleasure!!) and thrawled all the sites and picked a pretty yummy selection of fab shoes that are respectable but gorgeous!! Here we go links are under each picture as always, I want to make it as simple for you girls as possible xx

NewlookNew Look @Asos €35.20 Here

lipsyLipsy @Asos €91.55 Here

image1xxlNew Look @Asos €42.24 Here

3376101078_2_6_1Zara €39.95 Here

677957_mainRiverIsland €75 Here

6RGH4_SQ1_0000000004_BLACK_SLfLittlewoods €36 Here

2202101040_1_1_1Zara €39.95 Here


Dune @Littlewoods €115 Here

As always girls I hope you like my choices, let me know what you think.

Till next time,


Sarah xxxx



Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Hey there Girls,

So Micellar Cleansing water has become something of a phenomenon in recent years on our shores,  the French ladies of course where well ahead of the curve using it since the 90’s to keep their skin cleansed.   It really is a revolution especially for those of use who would rather go to bed with a full face of slap instead of carrying out the cleansing, toning and moisturising ritual we would normally do, especially after a long day OR night!  Wipes are an absolute no-no for your skin with harsh chemicals and being rough enough to sand down wood, so Micellar is definitely the way to go.  It works with no water or rinsing (time-saving already!), all it relies on is tiny micelles which are microscopic oil spheres to dissolve the grease and grime without thankfully stripping the skin (because it contains no alcohol, fragrance or soap).  Most of the big cosmetic companies have brought out their version of this water ranging in price from €4.50 to €30.

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Week 3 – Product knowledge and Contouring!!

Hey there Girls,

I can’t believe its week 3 already!!!!  The time is flying, Saturday disappears in a blink of an eye, we where told to wrap up yesterday but I for one (and my class) could have stayed for another 2 hours ………This week was all about: Continue reading

NYX Matte Setting Spray

Hey there Girls,

I bought this a while back and I’ve been using it a lot to make  sure my conclusion is bang on as always!!!!  You may already have realized that I am a huge fan of NYX for quality and price you can’t go wrong.  I have not been one for setting sprays in the past but I do suffer with an oily t-zone so by the end of the evening my makeup has nearly slid off my face!!!!   I went for the matte finish because I love to use my illuminating setting powder and highlighter, so I have plenty of dewiness.
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Occasion wear for Breastfeeding mothers

Hey there Girls,

I had a message from a follower and she is having her little girls Christening at the end of February and is still breastfeeding, she is a little unsure of what to wear on the day that will make breastfeeding easier and still look and feel great.  I love this challenge because I’ve been here a few times myself and it can be so hard but I have a couple of hints to make it easier for both mom and baby. Continue reading