Occasion wear for Breastfeeding mothers

Hey there Girls,

I had a message from a follower and she is having her little girls Christening at the end of February and is still breastfeeding, she is a little unsure of what to wear on the day that will make breastfeeding easier and still look and feel great.  I love this challenge because I’ve been here a few times myself and it can be so hard but I have a couple of hints to make it easier for both mom and baby.

  1. Wear a two piece – Unless it’s a specially designed nursing dress DO NOT stress yourself out with dresses.  You’ll have to spend your day in the toilet (if you’re not at home) or in your bedroom with your dress down around your waist!!!
  2. Wear loose comfortable clothes, you can still look amazing.
  3. Make sure you have your breast pads you don’t want little accidents in your new outfit you’ve gone to all that trouble to pick!
  4. Let people help you out – I know we’re all supposed to be wonder women but if you accept help you will be less stressed and so will baby.
  5. Enjoy your day remember it’s about you and your new little family.

So here are a few outfits I felt would be ideal for that breastfeeding mom on a special day like a Christening, Communion or Confirmation:


I love this top because it can be worn like this or turned around and worn as a jacket, so it can be worn dressy with a skirt/dress  or to smarten up a white t-shirt and jeans. WIN WIN and such a great price.  Perfect for breastfeeding, just wear a nursing vest underneath and because its loose there’ll be no fumbling.  Colorado top – Folkster  €79 €39

Costa Rica top – Coast €95 (wear with a nursing vest underneath for extra comfort)


Bounce back top – Ollie & Mac €160   €70 (this top is perfect because its loose and cropped)

Team with either:


Tailored Cigarette Trousers – Misguided  €35  (these are high-waisted which is an added bonus)


Raquel pleated midi skirt – iClothing  €25 (also available in black)


Culottes – Folkster €69

These are a couple of actual nursing dresses if your heart is set on wearing a dress.  In the photos they show them on pregnant women but they are intended for wearing all through your pregnancy and after when your nursing.


Nautical Nursing dress – ASOS €42.25 (the top part of this dress lifts up allowing you to feed)


Blush Shift dress with wrap over – ASOS €23.94 (love the colour of this dress and it looks fab whilst being functional and comfortable)

Hope you enjoyed girls and some of you got some ideas for events you may have coming up!  Let me know what you think.

Till next time…….

Sarah xxx





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