Week 3 – Product knowledge and Contouring!!

Hey there Girls,

I can’t believe its week 3 already!!!!  The time is flying, Saturday disappears in a blink of an eye, we where told to wrap up yesterday but I for one (and my class) could have stayed for another 2 hours ………This week was all about:

Primers – Matiffying and Illuminating and when to use.

Colour correctors – What colour corrects what problem.

Foundations – Consistency, textures, coverage and selecting the right colour for your clients skin tone and type.

Concealers – What texture to use for what problem and where to use it.

Contouring – The  sketchy area of contouring, I say this because it seems to send unnecessary chills up a lot of people’s spines because everyone thinks of Kim Kardashian contoured to within an inch of her life!!

But of course in reality contouring can be done very naturally just to accentuate your natural features and when done right gives an amazing subtle result……..I am a fan but mostly of powder contouring because its buildable and blendable giving a great result,  and it was great to practice all this on class mates.  We also looked at face shapes, Oval being the perfect apparently


Face shapes


Extreme contouring (Source: ilovecutemakeup.com)

You can see that this course is very intense, we cover a lot and there’s constant evaluations of your work through exams, homework and your practical abilities. It’s great I love it, I truly love it and find myself wishing I’d done all of this when I was younger but hey I’m finally doing it now and its brill.  I would encourage anyone to take the plunge and do something that they have always wanted to do. at the end of the day what have we got to lose, personally the fear of failure (and being pregnant or breast-feeding for most of the time!) put me off but that’s only in our heads, better to have failed than never experienced.  Next week we have our first exam (EEEKKKKK) the word itself sends shivers down my spine!!!!  So this week will be very busy with homework and studying, alongside everything else bring it on……….

As always lovelies if you have any questions or just a natter get in touch, till next time,


Sarah xxx



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