Penneys Beauty Brushes

Hey there Girls,

So Penneys have broken in to the beauty market much to everyone’s happiness, starting with their makeup brushes.  I’ve been using their eyeshadow blender for some time and if you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know I absolutely love it, it’s short and gives great control when your blending.  The other day when I was in Penneys they actually had some new ones so of course I bought one of everything to try out (surprise surprise!!!).



From left to right: bronzer/powder brush, stippling/contour brush, foundation/concealer brush, highlighter brush, eyeshadow blender/eyeliner brush and finally a liner brush.

Firstly the price is amazing, ranging from €2-€2.50 so they definitely won’t break the bank and to top that 4 of the brushes are double ended so your getting 2 for the price of one!!!
Secondly you instantly notice the softness of the synthetic fibres and I’ve washed these a good few times and they are still perfect.

The stippling brush is quite small so it would take a little longer to apply a full face of Foundation but I have used it on my concealer under the eyes, forehead, chin and down the nose.  The contour brush is really good it’s not big so you can get a very definitive shade under the cheekbone and then blend out.

I use the powder brush to set my makeup with my translucent powder and then the other end to apply blusher because it’s not too big and doesn’t spread blusher everywhere!!!!


The foundation/concealer brush again works really well, I alternate between this and the stippling brush for under eye concealer.

All in all girls I really like the quality of these brushes and for the price you certainly can’t go wrong, perfect for somebody venturing into makeup or if you don’t have a fortune to spend on brushes (which let’s face it, isn’t on the top of most people’s ‘things I need’ lists!).  They won’t replace my holy grail brushes girls but they will definitely sit and work alongside them.  What I will say like with all brushes make sure you are careful when washing if you are they will last and last. More great products from Penneys, oh how they are raising their game!!

Till next time lovelies,

Sarah xxx


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