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Hi there girlies,


So my next installment in the ‘Penneys Beauty Products’ is my current likes in the P.S. Love range.  I have been a fan of their liquid lipsticks for some time, perfect on their own or over your favourite lipstick or lipliner.  OK they won’t stay on your lips all day but you’ll be hard pushed to find any gloss like lipstick to have that type of staying power!! I find it easier sometimes to decant it onto the back of my hand and use a lip brush but if your out and about the brush it comes with will suffice, just not as precise.


These are shades 02, 10 and 15

They’ve also very recently brought out a matte range of liquid lipstick in 4 shades, the only one I’ve managed to get my hands on is the plum shade which is gorgeous!! It goes on wet and when you put your lips together it dries matte, it felt very velvety actually to me not very drying as some mattes can be again the staying power is OK not great after eating and drinking it did have to be reapplied but hey for €2.50 I’m not going to complain if it was €20 I’d be different but it’s not.  I’ve also tried the dare to bare matte lipstick and I really like this shade and anyone I’ve used it on loves it, it smells like love heart sweets!!!! It only costs €1.30 and the staying power is really good.




Image from Primark Instagram


Dare to bare matte lipstick, no.15 liquid lipstick, no.10 liquid lipstick and no.2 liquid lipstick

The lipliners are a real winner they are creamy and longlasting, they come in a nude, plum, hot pink and red.  I currently only have a drawer full of nude and plum but I definitely want to get the red and at €1.50 these are fast becoming a favourite for many people.


No 4 plum and no 6 nude

I’ve also tried the eyebrow pencil which comes in light, medium and dark.  These are very like a Dior eyebrow pencil I used to use because its very soft and you don’t need a heavy hand because it goes on very easily……I’ve used other brow pencils from other brands and it could take you an hour to put brows on they are so hard and waxy. So if you like a nice soft easy to use pencil you should give these a go and they cost a mere €2.50.  The cream coloured pencils I got are good for your waterline and outlining your lips to stop your lipstick from bleeding.  I like to use cream colours in my waterline on a daily basis because it’s not as harsh as white and it still brightens your eyes especially if like me you suffer from lots of sleepless nights, it takes that redness away.


Finally the highlighter is a nice everyday one especially for people who do not like lots of shimmer I have used it a few times, I do love my highlighter and this won’t replace my fav but it’s staying in my makeup bag for sure…… You can never have too many highlighters right!?! So these are the products I’ve been using for a while now and I do like them, especially the lip products they are regulars in my beauty routine.

Are you using any of these products girls?  As always I’d love to hear what you think.

Till next time lovelies,

Sarah xxx


4 thoughts on “Penneys Makeup products

  1. Vernie Par la Vie says:

    I had the red lip pencil and was really happy about it so I got the nude an plum one last week-end. The nude looks brown on my very pale skin but I loooove it =) Thanks for the recommendations here and Snapchat I believe =)
    Yes, you need the red one =D


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