Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel 77

Hi there girls,

I was never really one for eyeliner in the past, any that I used I just couldn’t get right, they smudged, bled or just broke my heart!!!  It’s definitely something I needed to work on, so when I got the Inglot AMC Eyeliner gel I have to be honest it was not love at first sight, not at all.

  I was slow at the start trying hard to make the perfect line never mind the perfect wing, which ment the product kept drying on my brush and I was generally just dragging the skin on my lid, I couldn’t get it right.  I was not going to be beaten, no way so I practiced and became lighter with my hand a bit quicker and steadier and this is where the Inglot AMC Eyeliner gel absolutely shone for me.  When you use the proper amount of product on your brush AND the proper brush (which is so so important) it glides on……..don’t be afraid to put it on your brush, it should glide not catch and drag.  If it does dry out you can use the Inglot Duraline to loosen it up, again be careful not to use too much otherwise the gel will not have the same staying power.

This eyeliner gel once on literally will not budge, bleed or smudge its amazing, I’ve used it a good few times in my waterline even and it wont budge.   I love it which I cant believe i’m saying because I didn’t at the start but this shows the importance of really giving products a chance not a once off use but try for a while its the only way you can be sure if you do or do not like something.  Another thing I like about it is that its matte, I cant stand shiny eyeliner its just not my thing!

When it does come to removing the AMC gel liner you need to use something with an oil base, personally I have found that coconut oil works really well for me or you could use an eye makeup remover with oil in it, what ever works best for you.  So that’s it my first impressions have been squashed and this is now an absolute must in my kit, if your looking for an eyeliner that will not budge, glides on and matte this is your baby.  You can buy it at any Inglot counter or online here, it costs €15 but it will last you an age.  Have you used the Inglot AMC eyeliner gel in 77? If so what did you think?

Forgive the eyebrows girls but the eyeliner 😘

Till next time lovelies,

Sarah xxx


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