Gotta Love A Smokey Eye

Hey there girls,


I don’t get lots of opportunity to go all out on my makeup, but when I do there’s nothing like an intense smokey eye and even better when you can get some sparkle in there too!!!!  I try to do a makeup tutorial or 2 on snapchat each week covering everyday makeup to all out glamour and this was one of my looks that I loved.  I used the Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One and Fuschia eyedust for that sparkle,  I thought it would be great to run trough what I used and where because sometimes its hard to catch everything on

snapchat.  So here’s a lowdown on all the products I used for this smokey eye………

wp-1460747090164.jpgForgive the unruly eyebrow hairs!!!!!!

Essence I love colour intensify eye primer

BC Master Series Palette One

  • Lily all over the eye (helps to set primer)
  • Hibiscus in crease and blend upwards (transition colour)
  • Hickory in crease and just use your blender brush in a window wiper motion to keep the colour in the crease and under the eye
  • Corruption all over lid to just below the crease and blend and also use under the eye
  • Goddess inner corner of the eye to open the eye

Fuschia Eye Dust in Sand Beige with Fuschia I-line, I dipped my brush into the I-line and then into the shimmer and dapped it onto my lid (try to keep your eye closed till this dries about 10-20 seconds)

Inglot AMC 77 Gel Eyeliner (also used in waterline)

Penneys individual lashes (I had lash extensions at the time so didn’t need strips)

NYX Tame & Frame in Brunette (eyebrows)

So that’s it, just remember the secret with a smokey eye is blend,blend, blend.  It’s so important to make sure there’s no harsh lines it’s not a smokey eye then.  Hope you like any questions please feel free to ask and join me on snapchat UN: sarahj.keogh.

Till next time lovelies,

Sarah xxx






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