How to get that Flawless Finish

Hey there girls,

So a question that comes up for women time and time again is ‘How do I get that flawless finish to my makeup?’.  You can put the best foundation on your skin but if you do not prepare the skin and set the foundation you’re at nothing!  I never used to do either and by lunch time my face would be sliding down my neck and I could never understand why.  After trying different ways this is what I’ve found gives me the best finishes, if you like dewy skin or matte I’ve you covered.  As I always say it doesn’t always have to be expensive products, I like to show you how to achieve these looks with affordable items too.


I’m going to run through step by step, it may look like a long process but you can spend as long or as short amount of time on these steps.

  •  Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise – This is THE most important part of your makeup application, there is no point putting all this effort and product on a dirty greasy canvas it just wont look good no matter what you do.  You don’t have to buy special products just use your normal cleanser, toner and moisturiser and make sure your face is clean.  Allow a minute or two for your moisturiser so settle in.
  • Primer – This is vital to give your foundation something to stick to, last longer and give that flawless finish.  Primers come in many different forms, mattifying, pore reducing or illuminating.  If you have very oily skin, mattifying is your answer but if you have combination you can use mattifying in your oily area (t-zone) and a moisturising one everywhere else.  If you have dry skin even after moisturising you may find your skin a little flaky and dry for makeup so in this case you can use a moisturising, illuminating primer/balm.  You can apply with your fingers or use a foundation brush. Always give your primer time to dry otherwise you’ll find it hard to blend your foundation,  I tend to brush my teeth!!1
  • Apply your Foundation – I use to use my fingers to do this, but I have found that a thick dense foundation brush, my favourite being the F20 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics or a beauty blender like the Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge are perfect.  Personally I have found using these tools make a huge difference to how well your foundation finish can look, it looks well blended and sits well


  • Concealer – A lighter shade concealer under the eyes illuminates that area and always looks great in photos, brightening your under eye area.  Use a thick concealer, unless you have mature skin then you can use a little foundation in it to loosen it up a little, the thicker the concealer the more chance it can sit into fine lines or use a more liquidy concealer.  I like the Catrice camoflauge concealer,  NYX HD concealer  (both of which are thicker and creamier) and the Rimmel Match Perfection for a more liquid concealer.  Again don’t use a thick one on spots or blemishes as this will just cake and make sure its the same shade as your foundation.  A beauty blender is great for this, just dampen it and dab your product in to place.IMG_24201
  • Set your Foundation –  Use a translucent setting powder, again depending on the finish you want depends on the powder you use.  For a dewy finish I love love love the Bourjois Poudre De Riz De Java, it has small shimmer particles to give a very light dewy finish and it reflects the light in such a way that it gives the illusion of flawless skin and it smells fab.   For a matte finish, but obviously not cakey (which is definitely not a good look) I like to use the Inglot translucent loose powder in 216 which mattifies without adding any extra colour to your foundation.  I always pat as opposed to rubbing as this can displace the foundation and concealer underneath.  Your now free to add your powder contour, blush, eyes and lips.IMG_24181
  • Setting Spray – These get mixed reviews, personally I like to use it I do think it makes your makeup last longer especially with all the previous steps here.  I use the NYX setting spray matte finish all you need to do is once all your makeup is applied close your eyes and apply 3 pumps all over the face, give it 10 seconds to dry and voila your ready to go.12565563_502484959934282_8745188467790210823_n

So I hope you find this helps make your foundation last longer, if you have any other suggestions let me know.

Till next time lovelies,

Sarah xxx


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