How can you make the most of your eyes?

Hey there girls,

Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted, took a bit of a break to sort out my new makeup venture (see more here) and get my head around things a bit!!!  So this week I decided to talk about something I regularly get asked, what colour eye shadow should I be wearing for my eye colour??  To be honest whether your blue, green or brown in eye colour you have lots of options and even though there are rules (or should I say options) rules where made to be broken, so if you have a daredevil side these general rules will entice you to mix it up a bit!

So onto the topic in hand…………The following eye colours will really stand out and shine if you use the corresponding shades on them and they can always be intensified with black or brown which thankfully are classed as neutrals and can be used by everybody.  When picking a shade you want to compliment your eyes………….

For BLUE eyes – Orange, Gold and Brown



For GREEN eyes – Cranberry, Pink and Purple


For Brown eyes- You gals are the lucky ones you can wear whatever you like!!!


As I said rules where made to be broken Orange and purple look great together, as do pink and brown.  In my case this is my excuse to mix it up on different eye colours. In general if you use one shade that compliments the eye colour it will definitely work but it just depends how brave you are when it comes to experimenting.

Do you like to experiment? Tell me what combinations you like?

Till next time lovelies,

Sarah xxx



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