Sleek Cream Contour Kit

Hey there girls,

So I finally got my mitts on a Sleek Cream Contour Kit.  I bought mine in the medium (which was sold out everywhere for ages)  because I felt I would get more use out of all the shades.  The light kit would be great for those who don’t wear tan, the second shade especially would be great for dark under eye circles because it has a very pink undertone.

So on to what I tought of the kit,  firstly the packaging is neat and sturdy handy for carrying around in your bag.  They do supply a ‘how to’ leaflet with the kit which uses most of the shades in the kit to contour the face, personally I don’t think you need to use this much or that it needs to look so complicated!  When I contour I use a very light concealer under my eyes in a V, down the centre of the nose, middle of the forehead and chin all to highlight these areas and make them stand out , then I use the contour shade just under the cheekbone, temples, up around the forehead, down the side of my nose and in a v under the tip of my nose. 


To do this I only need 2 shades but what I really like about the Sleek kit is that I have the ability to produce a light contour for the day all the way through to an intense deep contour for nightime especially if I have tan on.  They have 2 highlight shades, the second of which I felt was too dark for highlight but perfect to conceal blemishes, they are not too thick either so you can build on them and they are very creamy which is good for fine lines around the eye area as they will not sink in to them.  I used shade 05 for my contour (I do like to make sure I get high cheekbones and a thinner nose!), a small Jessup buffer brush to apply and my Blank Canvas F20 flat buffer brush to blend, you can also use a beauty blender to do all this, it just depends what you like to use.  Keep the contour shade to the area you want to recede but at the same time blending well because you definitely do not want harsh lines (not the look anyone is going for).

I found the product very easy to work with and because it was nice and creamy it blended very well, some other cream contour kits can be very hard to blend leaving your face looking more mucky than anything else.  Always remember to set your cream contour with powder, I then also like to use the Sleek Face Form Contour Palette to warm up the contour, I think this is why lots of people aren’t fans of cream contouring because its really double the work.  I like to do it when I have time and i’m not rushing which means I don’t do it all the time but I do like the effect you get with it.

Overall I like this palette and I think i’ll get great use out of it and for €13.99 you can’t go too far wrong.  Do you cream contour?  or does it just seem like too much work and effort?  Let me know if you’ve used it and what you think…….

Till next time lovelies,

Sarah xxx


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