A busy mum of 4 young girls rediscovering my passion for all things Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.  Would love you to join me on my journey and share my experience.

sarah 052

” Foundation of Style has been in my brain for a few years now, nameless but still a brainchild that I could never find the confidence to take on especially with 4 small kiddies who like to keep me busy, busy, busy………I spent from my mid 20’s to my mid 30’s pregnant and breastfeeding and whilst this is the most amazing time of your life you can also loose your own identity, you are known as Mammy, Wife, Chef, Cleaner, Taxi and Toilet assistant!!!!!!   When my youngest was about 2, I began losing weight and feeling a little better about looking at clothes and trying them on and my love of Beauty and Fashion began again.  So now my youngest is turning 3 and I have finally run out of excuses as to why I should not start a blog just to share my enjoyment and discoveries “.

So if you are looking at this I thank you and hope that you enjoy my posts.

Sarah x