Top pick of everyday summer dresses

Hi there girls,

This weather we’ve been getting in the past few weeks is definitely giving us a teaser for the summer!  It got me looking at the gorgeous summer dresses that are out there at the minute, and girls there are lots.  Here’s a pick of my favourites, they are mostly casual easy to slip on and then all you need to do is choose your footwear and accessories. 

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Trainers are not only for the Gym!

Hey there girls,

So styles come and go year in year out, but one trend that seems to be sticking is casual and wearing cool and stylish trainers with an array of outfits.  I am a follower of this trend and I can be found regularly swooning over the coolest trainers from New Balance to Nike.   Our busy lifestyles lend themselves nicely to this casual trend, running from work to do the shopping before running  to collect the kids to run (yet again!) home to prepare dinner.  I decided to share my current fav’s that are out there at the minute and there are a few!!  I’d safely say one of each please………….

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My top 3 Casual Outfits

Hi there girls,

I spend most of my time in casual clothes, with 4 children and little social life this works for me (at the minute of course!) but I still want to look and feel up to date and lets face it, good about myself.  I get lots of people asking about dressing for casual occasions like a day out shopping with the girls, a walk in the park with the kids or just running around doing your bits and bobs.  People want to look and feel trendy whilst being functional and comfortable all at the same time, so I’ve put together 3 different casual looks for you, which I think (and hope!) will meet
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3 Outfit Ideas from Penneys!

Hey there Girls,

I always love to show pic’s of what’s new into Penneys but it can be hard for people to visualize the outfits together and everything can look quite random!!

Penneys has come on so so much over the years back when I was a child my mum says that she wouldn’t have dreamt of buying me clothes in Penneys the quality was so bad but fast forward 30+years (hahem) and my whole family can’t get enough of them from kids to adults clothing and accessories, homewares, stationery and now a really great quality beauty range (more on that in another post!).
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Fab heels for that Special Occasion

Hey there Girls,

So it is fast approaching Communion and Confirmation season ladies and for some this can fill you with dread between dressing your little angel, organising catering and decorating, not to mention organising the rest of the family!!!!  It is a hectic day running and organising but hugely satisfying and a very proud moment.

Your footwear is critical (wink wink) on the day, it has to be functional (not breaking your feet) and fab all at the same time.  So I’ve done my duty (who am I kidding its a pleasure!!) and thrawled all the sites and picked a pretty yummy selection of fab shoes that are respectable but gorgeous!! Here we go links are under each picture as always, I want to make it as simple for you girls as possible xx

NewlookNew Look @Asos €35.20 Here

lipsyLipsy @Asos €91.55 Here

image1xxlNew Look @Asos €42.24 Here

3376101078_2_6_1Zara €39.95 Here

677957_mainRiverIsland €75 Here

6RGH4_SQ1_0000000004_BLACK_SLfLittlewoods €36 Here

2202101040_1_1_1Zara €39.95 Here


Dune @Littlewoods €115 Here

As always girls I hope you like my choices, let me know what you think.

Till next time,


Sarah xxxx



Occasion wear for Breastfeeding mothers

Hey there Girls,

I had a message from a follower and she is having her little girls Christening at the end of February and is still breastfeeding, she is a little unsure of what to wear on the day that will make breastfeeding easier and still look and feel great.  I love this challenge because I’ve been here a few times myself and it can be so hard but I have a couple of hints to make it easier for both mom and baby. Continue reading

Outfit Inspiration – Marks & Spencers

Hey there Girls,

I really like Marks & Spencers for their quality and choice. From food to clothes to underwear and the children’s clothes are amazing!! I still have babygros (not that I still use them) from when my oldest was a baby 10 years ago and the other 3 have all worn them and they still have no balling apart from a stain here or there, they are as good as new!  Continue reading