My first giveaway!!!!!

Hi there girls,

So I’ve been going 6 months now!!!!! Cant believe it, time flies and what a rollercoaster of emotions. I wanted a special giveaway for you all because you’ve all been so amazing supporting me and I wanted to give something back.

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The Best Choc Chip Cookies and they’re Vegan!!!

Hey there Girls,

As most of you by now know one of my daughters has severe allergies to egg, dairy and nuts (I’m sure there’s more that we still haven’t discovered!) so I always look for yummy baking alternatives that she can enjoy too and to be honest we have replaced alot of our treats with hers because they taste so yummy!!!!

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Yummy Banana Bread Recipe

Hey there Girls,


Do you ever buy a huge bunch of bananas in your weekly shop and 5 days later most of them are still sitting in the fruit bowl???  This happens in our house a bit we go through fazes every other piece of fruit is devoured but for some reason the poor old banana gets left out, so I set about finding a recipe to make great banana bread.  It took a while to find a great one and even at that I have tweaked it a bit replacing plain flour with self-raising for a lighter bread, halving the amount of baking powder and changing the caster sugar to soft light demerara sugar.  So here’s my version and I promise you will love it and its so easy to make,  the first time I made it I threw the mixture in the bin I thought I’d made a mess of it but no it’s ment to look like that (I put pictures so you know what I mean!) generally I make double the amount which will give you an extra-large loaf and 6 muffins (which the kids love in their lunch box).
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Week 3 – Product knowledge and Contouring!!

Hey there Girls,

I can’t believe its week 3 already!!!!  The time is flying, Saturday disappears in a blink of an eye, we where told to wrap up yesterday but I for one (and my class) could have stayed for another 2 hours ………This week was all about: Continue reading

Back to College Week 2 – All about skin care and preperation

Hey there GIrls,

So this week was about skin, skincare and skin prep.  The most important part of Makeup application is preparing the skin, if the skin is not prepared properly you may just forget about putting makeup on or at least forget about it looking perfect and flawless which is why we all use makeup!!   We had a mixture of theory and practical which was great, I think you learn more when you put it all together otherwise you just forget all the important information.  There’s a lot of information!  I hope my nappy destroyed brain can keep it all in but I’m pretty hopeful because I love it and we all know if your doing something you love and have a real interest in, it doesn’t feel like learning it just feels exciting.

bc9d6c5969ed6902996c0924b395111dHealthy looking skin V’s Dull tired dehydrated skin (photo by Carol_Anne – Getty Images)

So yesterday we concentrated hugely on Hygiene, so so important as a makeup artist to keep hygiene and cleanliness at the top of your list at all times!!!  From how you present yourself (who wants someone with dirty hands and patchy makeup touching their face!) to how you clean and sterilise your tools all as important as each other.  From there we moved on to Contraindications ie reasons why you would avoid or be cautious to proceed with a makeup application, then we discussed skin types, skin conditions and factors that can alter the condition of the skin.  Skin tones where very interesting and the characteristics that help you determine a persons skin tone, we moved onto a little product knowledge talking about colour correcting and primers and there benefits.  In between this we practised prepping the skin, cleansing, toning and moisturising.  It felt quite strange at first to touch somebody else’s face,  but our tutor was great for helping us determine the skin type once this was all done and by the end I was touching my team mates face with no thought at all!!!

It was a great day, learnt so much and every week I’m getting more and more excited for the following week!  We have a lot of homework this week a mixture of research and small presentations but for the first time in my life I actually cant wait to do my homework (never thought I’d hear myself say that).  Next week will be more product knowledge and all our brushes from cleaning to which brush to use and when.  Looking forward to it girls and I hope your enjoying my weekly updates on what we get up to, as always any questions just ask.

Till next time,

Sarah xxx


Creating that inspiring work space at home

Hey there Girls,

Lately with all the changes going on I’ve been thinking and longing for a space in the house that can be used for getting creative or just plain old trying to sort out life in general.  Somewhere girly (himself will adjust!) and inviting, obviously it doesn’t have to be a big space just to fit a desk and chair and some decorative features (these are so important to make an area look and feel inviting).  Trying to do up a blog post with my laptop on my knee is getting a bit old now and with my course going to get intense to say the least,  it would be great to have a corner of the house to go and concentrate, I’m not asking for a room just a corner not much to ask for (as I giggle to myself in a house of 6!).   I set about googling sites for furniture etc and of course IKEA came up trumps with everything  from the desk to the décor for the area I have to work with.  It has both functionality and affordability no other reason (it might look like an IKEA ad I can assure you it’s not!).  Here’s what I chose and hopefully it wont take too long to get that space that we all will use and benefit from in our house xxx Continue reading

Back to College – Week 1

Hey there Girls,

So this was my 1st week as a student again!!!! The nerves where unreal all the way up to Dublin yesterday.  This week was all about induction, we where greeted by the VanityX team Olivia our Tutor, Christine the Academy Manager and Emma a Trainee Tutor who where very welcoming and informative.  After filling out forms we began the introductions and this was great getting to meet the other students in the class.  It’s a great mixture of girls aging from 16 – 46, different backgrounds and everyone has a different reason for choosing the course and the outcomes that they want from it but what we all have in common is our desire to become confident Makeup artists, for whatever reason. Continue reading